10 Countries That Have Decriminalized Drugs

While drug use is ubiquitous in many areas of the world, some countries have legalised the sale and possession of them. Admittedly, the extent of the legalisation varies and those caught in possession are likely to be treated differently to those supplying, but the fact that some countries have decided to take this bold step has spawned many debates on whether other countries should follow suit.

Shutterstock/ Pilotsevas

Just take America as an example. Their war on drugs in the 1980s is thought to be responsible for some 48% of the estimated 1,358,875 people incarcerated– with many of those sentences ranging from a few months to life behind bars. It’s little wonder then that states like Colorado have recently looked at alternative ways of dealing with the problem. 

After all, there have been proven benefits from the legalisation of drugs, with reduced crime rates and lower overdose rates two of many.

With that in mind, we take a look at ten countries who legalised drugs and detail the laws that govern their liberal policies.